Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Shot, Ove

Courtesy of Strategy Page, we get this photo of soldiers firing a mortar in Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team fire their mortar system in support of operations in Laghman Province, Afghanistan March 5th, 2019
Commanders call mortars "hip-pocket artillery".  Most military formations have a mortar section assigned to the unit, a little bit of indirect fire that they can put into the fight quickly while they coordinate bigger guns.  Hooray for the mortar crews.


Flugelman said...

Why thank you Sir! As a 112 in the early 60's I spent 3 years FDC'in for a Four Deuce platoon. Shiverin' my ass off at Graf and Hoenfels for live fire exercises, practicing for the defense of the Fulda gap.

Sabre22 said...

January 1975 to July 78 81 MM Mortars A Co 1st Battalion 12 Infantry (Mechanized) Fort Carson Colorado. We got to do a Battalion Final protective Fire demonstration at NIGHT. We had a great view as we were just behind the firing line instead of behind a hill. Everything from M-16's all the way up to the 4.2 mortars firing as fast as possible. It was a great thing to see and a great unit to be a part of.