Thursday, February 27, 2020

New Study

Evidently, Michael Bloomberg, the virulent anti-gunner who also happens to be a billionaire, gave Johns Hopkins University a metric butt-ton of money to conduct a study for him.

Who'd a thun, but the study determined that there is no evidence that assault weapons bans have any effect on mass shootings.  Wow!  No we know, assault weapons bans don't do anything.  Except violate the rights of freedom-loving people.  That's it, guys, the science is settled.


Termite said...

I suppose math isn't Joe Biden's strong point.

Either that, or somehow the MSM missed the 40% reduction in America's population over the last 12 yrs.......LOL

Old NFO said...

Not much is either Joe or Bloomie's strong points in the gun realm...