Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Winchester Model 67

Belle came home from her mother's house the other day and took a rifle out of the car.  A Winchester Model 67.  It had belonged to her step-dad, and before that, it had belonged to a family friend.  For the past decade or longer, it had languished in the family gun case.

The Winchester 67 is a bolt action, single shot rimfire rifle, chambered in .22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle.It was the "value-priced" line in the Winchester family, selling for the exorbitant price of $5.50 when first produced in 1934.  It stayed in production until 1960 when it sold for $18.95 MsRP.

The Model 67 was produced without serial numbers, which makes dating it a little sketchy, but it shows a nickeled bolt, a nickeled safety, and a finger-gtooved for-end.  From what I have learned about the little rifle, I believe that it was manufactured sometimes between April, 1934 and December 1935  After that, they discontinued the finger-grooved stock.

It needs to be cleaned and oiled, and in time it will be fed appropriately ad used to train new shooters.  Belle asked what it is worth today.

I told her, "It's probably still worth $5.50."


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

A perfect example of a cabin gun or a barn gun or a truck gun...unless it has too much sentimental value.

Anonymous said...

Old single shots just bring out the kid in me. Yes, slow to shoot but makes a box of 50 shells last a long time. I'd happily double your money, lol.

Bob said...

A boy's best, first rifle - - a single-shot bolt-action .22.