Monday, February 03, 2020

Get Involved

There is a huge threat to the 2nd Amendment looming on the horizon, currently being played out in Virginia, but soon to be played out across the nation.  Mini-Mike Bloomberg is gearing up for a big push.
Everytown for Gun Safety, the Bloomberg-created gun control group, announced Monday that it plans on spending $60-million in the 2020 elections in a bid to do to the United States as a whole what the group did to Virginia in 2019: give Democrats complete control of the executive and legislative branches of government.
It can't happen in you state?  Think again.  If you don't vote, you can be assured that the other side votes. It happens regularly.  A complacent citizen is busy with life, raising kids, keeping the house propped up, doing all the things that life requires.  Then, one day, that citizen finds out that the legislature has done something that affects him personally.  It happened in California, and New York, and New Jersey, and now is happening in Virginia. 

You have to vote.  You have to be involved.  You have to pay attention.  Go to town hall meetings, keep tack of what is going on in your city council.  Talk to your neighbors, your family.  It's inconvenient, but not nearly as inconvenient as finding out you are a felon for owning a box with a spring in it.  Or, for owning a rifle that you legally  bought last year.

Pay attention.  They want to control you.


Old NFO said...

We WILL be involved. Not rolling over for that pipsqueak...

BobF said...

That "pay attention" part is the fly in the ointment. Far too many people totally involved in whatever but not into those things that truly bring value. I see lots of folks, mostly younger than I, who are so into their jobs and whatever fancies them that when it comes to true values they don't have time to see them, much less consider them.

I am hopeful but also not optimistic, if that pairing makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Bloomberg flying overhead, and put an SA-7 up the tailpipe of his Agusta SPA A109S.

dogsledder said...

Boomburg should go live in China, where they already have laws like he wants. F#ck him.