Monday, February 10, 2020

Getting Fired

It's been interesting to watch the horror show of LTC Vindman being relieved of his duties at the NSC.  The libs act like it's some act of retribution, and that Trump is some sort of grouchy old meanie to fire that heroic veteran who has shed blood for his country.

Yeah, not so much.  Vindman had orders to the US Army War College.  He's going to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania to further his military education.  This is a rather prestigious posting for senior field-grade officers.  Not everyone gets to go.  He will be out of his high-stress White House job, furthering his education.

On the other hand, he was relieved from his duty at the White House, I suspect primarily because he testified against the Commander in Chief.  I'd love to see his Efficiency Report.  I bet it is spectacular with verbiage about lack of judgement.  Vendman, in the lingo of such things, "stepped on his own dick, in spectacular and public fashion.  The Army doesn't keep officers who do that.  I suspect that as soon as the news cycle loses interest, Vindeman wil be told that his retirement date is approaching rapidly.

And that's okay.  Every officer knows that day will come, and it's nothing personal.  Step aside for the good of the service.  He'll draw a nice retirement, and probably launch another career, just like many retired officers (myself included) have done.


Old NFO said...

He and his brother BOTH are gone from the NSC, along with another 70 people... And good riddance. He 'thought' his position gave him the right to counter US policy as extended by the president, rather than obeying his superiors.

robehr orinsky said...

He would not have lasted a week in the heavy lifting industry . Clowns like that kill far too many hard working folk just earning a living for their families . We don't tolerate anything outside the box . Hopefully they can get Vindman 1 & 2 out before they get someone killed . Or kill Vindman maybe .

Peripatetic Engineer said...

He'll never make full bird. I really have to wonder how smart he is. He had to know that testifying was career limiting.

pigpen51 said...

I have a cousin who posted on Facebook that anyone who said anything bad about the "hero" Vindman he would crawl through the internet and bitch slap the taste out of their mouth. I really wanted to let him know just what I think of Vindman, and his bad judgement, and self serving mouth, but I decided that there was no sense in causing him to get angry with me.
Besides, he is a liberal, and I am a conservative, so we have disagreed before. Just not as much as we have since Trump was elected.
I have a son who just got out of the Navy, and while I never asked him, I thought you always followed orders from your superior's unless it went against the law or moral rules of conduct, or such. And the President is the Commander in Chief.
Trump may have his many flaws, just like the rest of us, but he is still the President. And he has the right to choose who he trusts to advise him, one would think.