Wednesday, February 19, 2020


SO, I use a CPAP mask.  Love the damned thing.  I sleep better and my wife sleeps better, and like any piece of mechanical equipment, it sometimes beaks.  Belle was commending that I need to upgrade, so I went to and ordered a mask.  They asked for my doctor's information, because a prescription is required, so I gave them my doc's information.

I got an email back that the doc wouldn't sign the script.  Evidently, I needed an appointment.  SO, I called my doc, raised hell.  Why do I need a prescription to buy a plastic mask?  They mumbled something about insurance, and I told them I was using cash money.  My insurance need not be involved.  They told me that if I didn't need insurance, they';; sell me a new mask, no questions asked.

So, I looked at my bank statement online and saw that had already done a pre-authorization on my account, so I called them to cancel.  Talked to the nice lady there.  She told me that if I ordered the new mask disassemble (a kit), it didn't need a prescription.  It comes in two parts, the mask and the headgear.  And, it's cheaper.

So, if I order the mask online, I need a prescription.  But, if I buy the mask from my doc, I don't need a prescription, and if I order the mask as a kit, I don't need a script, but it's cheaper.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the unthinking idiocy of the whole scenario.


Judy said...

Obummer Care is still haunting us.

Sabre22 said...

The joys of CPAP. I have been on mine since 2010. A week ago last Sunday the humidifier heater died. So I emailed the VA Sleep specialist in the local clinic with NO response for 24 hours I then went up the chain and emailed the sleep clinic at the VA hospital and of course they kicked it back to the local therapist who had been out of town on Monday. She gave me a number to call as the warranty on the CPAP had expired and they could NOT give me a replacement without an appointment She gave me the number to the VA Hospital Sleep clinic So I called them and they told me I could either come down there on appointment or wait until the first week of March for an appointment with the local clinic (I called them on the 11th of February) or I could set up an appointment with them so i asked what was available they said Wednesday or Thursday I had plans for Wednesday So I went down there last Thursday to get a new machine. Now why couldn't they have just sent me a new machine I do not know.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, I was told by the party in charge of my CPAP parts that because my last sleep study was done more than 5 years ago, i would have to have another one. Short of that, no CPAP. Important as my CPAP completely pooped the bed and refused to function. Remember what sleeping with not CPAP for several days felt like ? New sleep study - STAT !! :^)

Done and done, I really appreciate my Responics unit too. Seriously thinking about outfitting one for camping use - no electricity where I normally camp, so it would have to be batery. Don't require the humidifier, just the fan.

Glad you got your mask situation sorted out.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Been on one since 1995. I don't need some stinking sleep study again. I buy used off Craigslist and have four units stashed.

Old NFO said...

Yep, teh stoopid is strong... And lots of money is changing hand to make sure EVERYBODY gets a piece of the pie!

BobF said...

If you think stupid is abundant with CPAPs, try being involved with VA Pain Management. Like Base Supply going computer in the 60s and thereafter having a mission of NOT issuing supplies, VA Pain Management seems to have a mission of NON managing pain. Personal success in the chronic variety is a workaround, and that is tough.

Anonymous said...

Look for CPAP items on Amazon.