Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Petulant Pelosi

I didn't watch the SOTU last night, but listened to it on the radio.  I missed this little visual of petulant Nancy Peolosi ripping up her copy of the speech.

Nancy, Nancy, we know you're having a bad week.  The impeachment you never wanted collapsed ignominiously.  The Iowa caucus is a continuing dumpster fire.  Trump gave a magnificent speech, and later today the Senate will acquit him.  It's a bad week for the Democrats, and most of it is your own making.

You really should try to present a more calculated response.  Grace, charm, and style might be better suited than petulance, childishness, and bitterness.


Retired cop said...

I firmly believe she has suffered a stroke, impairing her speech centers, her ability to reason, memory, and effecting the Left side of her face. We alcoholism to that and you get what we had here last night...failure to communicate.
In normal times, her party would have her quietly retire. Now, some young communist radical will unseat her in 2022.
I think we are seeing the Democratic Party self destruct. This may lead to a third party or to civil strife in the streets.
Pray for our Nation!

Anonymous said...

Childish and the people over the entire planet had an opportunity to see her public tantrum on TV. She did herself no favors. She claims she will resign if Trump is acquitted - we shall see.

Looking back, I feel a little sorry for the old girl. Pelosi was the one drawn into calling for impeachment, refusing for a few weeks as her fellow Democrats 'brayed' for impeach Impeach IMPEACH NOW. But then she committed herself and the story just did not play out. You can't make butter with a toothpick.

I wonder if her frustration last night is shared with fellow Democrats who put her in her position. They are just as much to blame as she is.

Termite said...

I'm GLAD she did that on national TV. It shows her true self.

OTOH, she's caught between "a rock and a hard place". She knows AOC and the squad will destroy the traditional DNC, but she has to placate them; she doesn't know where to "shit or go blind".

I Left My Feces in San Francisco said...

Hey Nasty- you went full retard. NEVER GO FULL RETARD.
Now go home and wash your filthy mouth out. Then off yourself. Thanks.