Saturday, January 20, 2018

Work It Out

A telling vignette from Hot Air:
It turned out that GOP leaders had Trump’s ear at least as much as Schumer did. According to multiple congressional and White House sources, Trump also told Schumer he needed to work out an agreement with McConnell and Ryan. That killed any hopes among Democrats that Schumer could persuade Trump to make concessions on the expiring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
Trump's right.  It is the job of Congress to work out the law.  If Schumer, McConnell, and Ryan can work out a deal, pass it with a veto-proof majority, and present it to Trump, it becomes law  whether we like it or not.

Passing legislation is the job of Congress, and frankly, they've sucked at it recently.  If they had hammered out a deal, all this could have been avoided.  They didn't, so the title of my earlier post is very timely.  Senators Fail.


Old NFO said...

No real surprise... When Schumer doesn't run to the mike, you know it didn't go well... :-)

Rivrdog said...

The Democrats simply wanted to spit in Trump's eye. They had made Continuing Resolution desls 3 times before in the last year, so why not now? The answer is they caved to the Left fringe and took their revenge. Now, they will never get DACA back.