Monday, January 08, 2018

Monday Evening Musings

Monday evening, and after a day back int he workaday world.

Oprah gave a speech and everyone is wondering if she's running for President.  To all those who think that an Oprah Presidency is ridiculous, remember that two years ago, many people thought that a Trump Presidency was ridiculous.

A US District Judge has dismissed the charges against Cliven Bundy and three others.  It seems that the judge cited "prosecutoral misconduct" in his reasoning.  There is some question about whether there will be a re-trial, but many pundits think the Bundy's travails are over.  Let Freedom Ring.

PawPaw went in to rent a tuxedo today.  This is probably the first tux I've rented in several decades.  The ladies made it painless and quick.  Simple, black, understated elegance.  It should be quite elegant.  I need to buy some oxfords, but I'll take care of that quickest.  Talking with the ladies at the store, it seems that buying a tux is fairly affordable, and I might look into that. 


Anonymous said...

Buying is less expensive then renting, but only if you attend a lot of events that REQUIRE it. I bought a tux 20 years ago, based on advice that 'You'll be able to attend many events looking great'. Guess how many times I've since had the opportunity to wear one to said event - one, and that because I was a member of the wedding party.

Other than that, the tux has stayed in the closet. I doubt I even fit it any more, my waistline has 'matured', lol. YMMV.

Old NFO said...

Waiting for the pic, or it didn't happen :-)