Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Cancer In The FBI

I've learned a lot about cancer over the past decade.  If a body has cancer, there is only a couple of things to do about it.  Excise it, cut it out.  Radiate it.  Expose it, Or you Die.

Much the same, as a cancer in our public institutions, when they forget that they serve the people, impartially, regardless of political persuasion.  You may not like the bastard that the people elected, but you serve without political bias.  The FBI forgot that.
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page -- that low-rent Hero and Leander of the Beltway -- certainly believed that. You know that from the contents of their compulsive text messages even though five key months are suddenly "missing." The inside of the FBI, particularly at the higher reaches, seems to have been filled with a band of smug, self-righteous ideologues who would do anything, erase or rephrase anything, to get their way.  And then lie about it.  Either that or quote scripture.  Or form "secret societies."
The FBI, once the most trusted and respected law enforcement agency in the world, has been exposed as a weaponiszed political police force, not unlike the KGB of Stalinist Russia..  The recent revelations of the cancer within the FBI is a staggering indictment against a once-proud agency that once served the American people without thought of political allegiance.  They served Democrat and Republican alike.

I couldn't tell you today who the Director of the FBI might be, and frankly, I don't care.  What I do care about is that law enforcement at all levels, from the local small-town police department to the nations highest Federal Bureau, serve The People.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the FBI, since Comey's tenure, has a cancer, and it should be excised in the most public, humiliating way possible.  We should see firings and prosecutions on a huge level.  What I'm seeing may not rise to the level of treason, but it certainly has the stink of malfeasance. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this is anything new for the Feeble Bureau of Instigation as we used to call it back in the 60s during my misspent and politically naive youth. This goes back to J Edgar taking money from the mob while denying their existence and then blackmailing everybody in government who opposed him.