Thursday, January 25, 2018

Well, Dhuh.

Last weekend I posted a blog entry entitled Fun With Holster Angle.  Over the past few days, I came to realize that I was trying to measure the wrong thing, complicating an issue that isn't complicated at all.

Heretofore, when we'd buy a holster, it had a cant.  Indeed, most holsters, regardless of the particular sport are canted.  The duty holster I wear every day is canted.  All of my off-duty and sport holsters have cant, cant is very common.  However, the CFDA rules specify that:
There will be no more than a 20-degree (front or back) holster cant while the shooter is in a normal standing position
So, I had to unwrap my head from the concept of built-in holster cant and wrap my head around the concept that everyone is different, and wears their holsters differently.  What matters is the angle of the holster while the shooter is standing in a normal standing position.

Well, heck, that's easy.  All we need to do is have the shooter stand in a normal standing position and measure the angle of the holster from the vertical as that shooter wears the holster. So, we're not measuring the manufactured cant of the holster, we're measuring the holster angle as the shooter wears it.  Interestingly, I have a couple of holsters with a manufactured 17 degree cant.  I measured them as I wear them, and the holster angle when I am in a normal standing position is about 6 degrees. 

SO, on the recommendation of some very experienced CFDA gurus,  I ordered a couple of these

They will be delivered in a few days, and I'll have one on each of the scoring tables when we do the sanctioned state championship in April.  This thing looks nearly fool-proof, which is good when we consider that I'll be operating it.


Retired Spook said...

Finnegan's Corollary to Murphy's Law: You only have to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're using. (But don't forget Grayson's Amendment to that: It only applies to inanimate objects. With dogs, horses, and small children, a 10% margin is not enough.)

jon spencer said...

Here is a free app for a iPhone that can do this. They also make a Android app.
There are lots of other uses for this too.

Anonymous said...

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