Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Senator Leahy Displays His Ignorance

In questioning today during the "Sh*thole Gate" hearing, he made the statement that:

Now, last week in the Oval Office,  President Trump reportedly said the most vulgar and racist things I've ever heard a President of either party utter."
Oh, please, Senator.  You are displaying your ignorance.  Certainly, during your lifetime, you know of Presidents who used vulgarities, even racist vulgarities, in the Oval Office.  Lets's take Lyndon Johnson, for example.  He used the word "n**ger a" lot. 

Senator Leahy, being a Democrat, certainly knows that LBJ was a racist.  That's common knowledge.

Regardless of what President Trump may or may hot have said, ti's certainly no the most racist thug ever said in the Oval Office. Senator Leahy is an ignorant jackass.


Retired Spook said...

Unfortunately, being an ignorant jackass is a disqualification for the office of senator. Which is kind of a shame, when you think about it.

Old NFO said...

That he is! Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm not quite sure how the word "s---hole" IS racist. It is a noun, not a adjective. I don't get how the word can be described as such.

Notice how MSM is steering the questioning. No one asks 'Yeah - why does anyone from THAT country get preference over another ?' Mexico has rules of who is accepted as a new citizen. Here is a link to them.


MSM would have a cow if the U.S. demanded the same from immigrants here.

BobF said...

Actually, I think Leahey knows very well. He's just another lying politician. Not sure if one is worse than the other -- liar, or willfully ignorant. Still very high water in the D.C. swamp. Makes the swamps of LA look like distilled water.