Friday, January 19, 2018

Feminism v Nature

So, I'm reading this whiney liberal guy who is all depressed over Trump's election and his doc tells him that he needs testosterone.
My testosterone levels had sunk, and I decided, given my lassitude, depression, and lack of sexual desire, to go on hormone replacement therapy to get me back in a healthy range for a 30-something male. It was a fascinating experience to witness maleness literally being injected into me, giving me in a sudden jump what had been there all along, and what I now saw and felt more vividly. You get a real sense of what being a man is from an experience like that, as the rush of energy, strength, clarity, ambition, drive, impatience and, above all, horniness overcame me every two weeks in the wake of my shot. It was intoxicating.
Dude!  You got a shot?  Really?  I get it, some folks don't know how to feel maleness, and don't understand.  Let me tell you how to get that "real essence of being a man", without getting an injection.  Rappel from a helicopter, jump out of a perfectly healthy aircraft.take  tank down Table VIII, land an airplane on a bouncing deck.  Get up before daylight and run with 100 of your closest friends, then eat breakfast and start the training day.

Do something occasionally that scares the hell out of you.  Ride motocross, take up rock climbing, or  simply roof your own house.  Find a woman you love desperately,  who turns you on by simply walking across the room.  Help your kid build a tree house.  Participate in a barn raising, any of these things will raise your testosterone level.

He goes on to say that maleness is out of fashion.... oh, hell.
I know this must be a pain in the neck for most women. But it’s who we are. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s called being male, this strange creature, covered in hair, pinioned between morality and hormones, governed by two brains, one above and one below. 
 No, stupid.  Real women know how to deal with real men.  It's as natural and normal to them as breathing.  My woman knows exactly how to deal with me.

Sullivan never says it, but he's starting to understand how Trump was elected.   By making maleness toxic, the Democrats defined a huge group of voters, both male and female, who don't believe that maleness is toxic.  In fact, we celebrate maleness.  We believe that men re different from women and we celebrate that difference.

Tomorrow evening, my lady and I are going to celebrate a Louisiana holiday.  We're going to get dressed up, and I'll have to help her zip her gown.    She'll straighten my tie, and we'll go out with like-minded people, dance, visit, and have fun.    When we get home later, I'll help her out of her dress, and that will be okay, because she's my woman and I'm her man, and that's the way we want it.

The Democrats have spent much of the last decade making maleness toxic, when the vast majority of America knows that it's not toxic at all.  It's normal and natural and while occasionally it should be restrained, it also occasionally needs to run free.

The Democrats have forgotten that men and women are different.  You want more Turmp?  That's how you get more Trump.


Judy said...

"The Democrats have forgotten that men and women are different."

Ah, to quote Spencer Tracy's character, Adam Bonner, in Adam's Rib "Vive la différence".

Anonymous said...

I blame the drop in "maleness" on sugary sodas, caffeinated beverages. You ever notice how many of the males these days sporting a bucket of that junk.