Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Morning

At daylight, we have freezing rain and the temps have already hit the high for today.    PawPaw is home, snug and warm (for the time being), and surprise, surprise, Belle's office just called, they are closed for the day.  We expect the weather to be crappy all day long, with the freezing rain changing to snow later this morning.  This does not bode well for central Louisiana, and prudent folks are staying home if possible.

My heart and prayers goes out to those folks who can't bunker up, and must go out in this weather.  Cops, jailers, hospital workers.  Those folks have to provide care an comfort to those people in their charge.  Belle and I have both pulled that duty during our working careers, and are now in positions that doesn't require that level of dedication.

In yesterday's post, concerning coffee, maggiek reminded me how to make coffee when the power goes south.  Thanks, but I've been doing this for a long time.  Not in ice, so much, but other natural disasters peculiar to these latitudes.  I've made coffee every way imaginable.  I've used percolators, I've used drip pots, I've even used an athletic sock to make "cowboy" coffee.    The one tried-and-true method I keep returning to is the old, standard drip coffee pot.

You can still get a brand new one on Amazon for over $50.00.  A decade or so ago, I wore one out and needed a replacement.  I refused to pay what the merchants locally were asking, so I started hitting flea markets.  Found a replacement for well under retail.  It's served me well during disasters and I'm never without the ability to make coffee.

Belle and I are fine, snug and warm at home, an we'll watch the weather and piddle inside today.


BobF said...

Hah! Made it in a bandana once. Prayed the color wouldn't run into the cup. :-)

jon spencer said...

The throw the grounds into the boiling water and pour into a cup through a mesh strainer makes good coffee.
Just have to know when to strain, easy to go either too weak or too strong and bitter.

Rivrdog said...

Filter funnel. If you can boil water, you have coffee.