Wednesday, January 31, 2018


President Trump gave his State of the Union speech last night.  I didn't watch all of it, but the parts I saw, I liked.  The Daily Mail reports on the public perception of the speech.
Within minutes of President Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech, CBS News revealed their YouGov poll approval ratings on it.
Unsurprisingly, 97% of Republican speech watchers liked it.
More surprisingly, 72% of Independents liked it.
Staggeringly, 43% of Democrats liked it.
From what I did see, when the cameras panned over to Nancy Pelosi, her face was drawn tighter than a possum who had been eating green persimmons.  Pore ol' Chuck Schumer looked like he was sitting on his hands.  He didn't want to hear something American, inadvertently applaud, and suffer the approbation of Nancy's laser-like gaze.

But, the initial stats are instructive.  Nearly everybody liked it, except for the small percentage who don't like America.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, it was 'interesting'... The Dems didn't even applaud the lowest black unemployment rate in years!