Sunday, January 07, 2018

Busy Day, Worship and Play

We did lunch today with the kids as usual.  Belle cooked pork chops and rice, along with field peas cooked with seasoning pork, and cornbread. 

While Belle was cooking, I walked out to the shop to hang the backdrop and install the targets.  We needed to hook everything up and give it a test run before the shoot next Saturday morning.  The targets work fine, and all the electrical and data work we've done came together like gangbusters.

After lunch, we played for  while and let the grandkids hurrah in the shop.  Then I followed second son to his house where I cut another big piece of backdrop to install as a wing-wall at the end of the range.  This will keep shooters who are not actually on the line safe from wax bullets as they lounge in the other end of the shop.

We're stoked about the progress and looking forward to hosting the club on Saturday.

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