Friday, January 12, 2018

Shop Update - Comments

BobF said...
Thank you very much for posting the progress of this project so regularly. I have found it most interesting and now that you are almost done I'm going to have to turn my chair around and watch those we'll-never-have-a-place-like-that home rehab shows my wife insists on watching. I guess it could be worse -- could be soap operas.
Thanks for the kind words.  But, I'm not nearly finished with this project.  Right now we are in a weather hold.  The next step is to insulate, installing an inch of closed-cell foam on the walls and roof.  That will help with both the winter heating and the summer cooling.  I already have an installer laid-on, but he can't install it in cold weather.  He claims that the process requires a certain minimum temperature and we're below it.

And, I am going to have to pull everything (including lights) out of the shop before we insulate, so I am only putting in the bare minimum until we can do the insulation.  But, I built the shop to shoot in, to have a place where we could shoot and not worry about weather, so I've installed the range temporarily. 

But, we're not nearly finished, not by a long shot.  I've shown you the range, which takes up half of the building.  On the other side, I intend to install a half-bath and an open-concept kitchen, complete with 'fridge, sinks, stove/oven, and my personal favorite, a flat-top grill.

Stand by


JayNola said...

The foam curing process works much better at higher temperatures than lower. Depends on his specific mix but given the temperature here 3 hours south of you, he's doing you a solid by waiting for it to warm up.

BobF said...

That you have a long way to go is very good to hear, but then it may feel a bit different from your perspective. :-)

Actually, I have had the feeling all along that you are rather enjoying the process. If you didn't you wouldn't be sharing it so well.

Eagerly standing by!

Did I mention that I was around 12 or 13 before I discovered one of my cousins my grandmother spoke of so often was actually a soap opera character? Opelousas in the late 50s...whole 'nuther definition of "extended family."