Friday, January 12, 2018

In A Fast Warming World (Snerk)

Scientists say that last week's cold wave may be increasingly rare.
The record-crushing cold that rang in 2018 was like a blast from the past that will become increasingly rare.
Those idiots should really pay attention to what is happening before they make a prognostication.  Yesterday I was walking around in shirt sleeves, today I'm freezing my gizzard.  Tomorrow is supposed to be colder, and by the middle of next week, we're supposed to break some old records.

Locally, they're predicting 18F for next Wednesday morning, which is as cold as it got on New Year's.  Increasingly rare, my ass.  That's twice in three weeks.  In central Louisiana, which is not noted for much "wintry mix" (which is also predicted for next week).  I will remind the congregation that I have a grandson who didn't see snow until he was ten (10) years old.  He's seen it several times since then.

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