Sunday, January 14, 2018

The President's Plain Realism

Oh, he threw a crap grenade into the world press last week, describing some countries as "sh*tholes".  The media exploded in outrage, the media was shocked, the politicians from that other party were apoplectic.  It was an outrage, the very thought that the President of the United States would stoop to such a hateful, derogatory, racist, unseemly adjective sent them into spasms of collective virtue-signalling.

But, the rest of us knew what he was talking about.  Soldiers, sailors, and airmen of all stripes knew just exactly what he was talking about.  But, lest I be accused of assuming something not yet in evidence, let me give  few examples.

If the country in question has recently opened slave-markets, that is a sh*thole country.
If the country in question treats women like chattel, that is a sh*thole country
If the electric power grid depends on the local warlord, you live in a sh*thole country.
If you live in a country where Malaria is the leading cause of death, you live in a sh*thole country
If your economy has hyper-inflation, you live in a sh*thole country.
If you have a toilet paper shortage, you live in a sh*thole country.

I could go on, but I find it amazing that many people don't know what the President was talking about.  The moral preening, the feigned outrage, the political double-speak, is all baffling to those of us who realize that some places are just horrible places to live.

But what I really find amazing is that only President Trump could make the adjective "sh*thole" go viral overnight.  It is what it is, and the President was speaking with plain realism.


Judy said...

LOL He isn't the first president to catch flack for speaking the truth in plain English.

Old NFO said...

You and I have been there... They ARE!!!