Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Next Generation

I've owned and driven Mazdas in the past, and have always liked them. From Popular Mechanics:
Mazda is staking much of its future on the continued existence of the internal-combustion engine, with clever tech like spark-controlled compression ignition set to debut in Mazda's next-generation production-car engine, Skyactiv-X. But the automaker is already thinking even further into the internal-combustion future. Automotive News reports that Mazda is working on a new gas engine, Skyactiv-3, which the automaker says will be as clean as an electric vehicle.
The article goes on to say that their new engine will achieve internal fuel inefficiencies of  56%, a breakthrough in turning gasoline into drive train power.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

This could double the efficiency of an internal combustion engine. Game changer.