Monday, January 22, 2018

The Shutdown Is Over

Everyone is reporting that the government shutdown is over, and that the Democrats got exactly nothing.  Evidently, the internal polling was horrendous and they realized that they had screwed up monumentally.

There is probably a deal to be made for the Dreamers, but most Americans think that we're better served by keeping the government running while Congress hammers out the agreement on how to best accommodate the reality that some of those people have been here for over a decade.  I believe that President Trump has this one right.  Increased border security, end chain migration, end the diversity lottery, and move to merit-based immigration. 

There is another deadline looming that the Democrats should be watching very closely.  As I understand it, on March 5th, the executive order that protects the DACA folks ends and those poor souls just become another group of illegals, ready to be deported.  The Democrats have about six weeks to hammer that deal out, and they had best sit down and take care of it in good faith. 

If the Republicans are smart enough to compromise a little, this whole debacle could be seen as a huge win, and the Hispanic community will be voting Republican for a decade or longer.

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Anonymous said...

I figure anyone who comes to this country to work hard and be law abiding should have an opportunity to become a citizen. But GIVEN citizenship - nope. I don't care how long they have illegally lived here. Citizenship needs to be earned.

The Dems wised up quickly. Because of DACA expiration, time is short and any time wasted would be on the Dems for them walking away. Trump had them beat and I think he already knew it.