Sunday, January 28, 2018

Waiting - Ready

This morning I broke down everything int he new building, cleaned it out, to get ready for insulation.

My insulation guy called me on Thursday.  "Mais... I wanted to call you and let you know." (He has a strong Cajun accent.) "The weather getting better, and I had tree or two jobs ahead of you, but it looks like we''re going to get to you nex' week."

"That'll be great!" I replied. "That gives me time to get the stuff out of the building so you'll have a clean area to work in.

"Dat' ll  be good." He said.  "I jus' wanted to touch base with you and let you know."

We shot in the range yesterday, and this morning I started taking all the electronics out, breaking down the backdrops, and moving stuff to the covered patio in the back yard.  My sons showed up for lunch and helped me wit the last of the clean-up.

I left him a trash can and a roll of carpet in the floor.  He should be able to work around that.  I'm rady to get the shop insulated, so we can begin Phase II of this experiment.

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Old NFO said...

You'll enjoy that insulation come July! :-)