Monday, November 28, 2016

The Meltdown Continues

In the pre-dawn hours before work, I've been reading about the continuing meltdown of the American left.  It's amazing to me.  I started with this one, the depression of an American literary critter from Brooklyn.  She's got all the letters behind her name, but she's never been to America.  She writes about a road trip that she recently took from Brooklyn to Michigan.  She saw some TRUMP signs.
I want to throw up because we’re supposed to quietly and politely make house in this killing machine called America and pay taxes to support our own slow murder and I’m amazed we’re not running amok in the streets, and that we can still be capable of gestures of loving after lifetimes of all this.
The angst in tht sentence is remarkable.

Then we go to that other side of the country, in a little town called San Francisco.  The author describes himself as a conservative who happens to work in a law firm downtown
It has gotten worse. My colleagues, lawyers all, informed and smart and good people almost all (I know, cue the guffaws) are reporting “massive voter suppression” in 33 states. Massive vote tampering, etc. (Fake news might actually be a real problem). A very handsome, elegant, black man with an impeccable British accent is reporting hostile glares and Uber discrimination on the streets of San Francisco! An Indian women is afraid of internment camps and trying to come up with an escape plan. The worst was a lawyer reporting to our boss that he had purchased a gun “to protect his minority friends”. Is this acceptable workplace behavior? Instead of firing him, the boss, a minority, advised him to “keep on his meds”.
Keeing up on the meds seems like a good idea.  If these reports are true, then we're watching both the left coast and the right coast melt down.

Then we come to a voice of reason, Dr. Helen, who wonders, in an article of the same name,  Maybe Their Mental Health Wasn't That Good Before the Election.
We all know that the people seeing these therapists are mainly left-leaning types who probably tend to be less happy in general. According to some research, liberals are less happy in general than conservatives, and have a harder time when politics don't go their way:
She continues.
 If liberals are more emotionally troubled than conservatives, then maybe these dippy therapists like William Doherty and the other 3500 enablers in the article at The Economist are exacerbating liberals' depression and other emotional issues by writing or signing "a manifesto against the rise of the bullying tactics of 'Trumpism.'" Instead of blaming Trump for all their problems, maybe they should model better coping skills.
Oooh, damn, therapists as enablers.  That's gotta hurt.  Dr. Helen has, I believe, the bona-fides to make such a diagnosis.    Good coping skills are valuable in the political world.  Especially if your worldview is that the winner is a racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe.  I know that I needed coping skills for the past eight years, when I was convinced that the president was a racist, communist, Manchurian candidate bent on destroying America.


Joe Mama said...

The Horror!!!!

And some of us even drink instant coffee.

Old NFO said...

But... but... For the last 8 years we've been redneck deplorables. We didn't 'deserve' help... And black coffee no less!

jon spencer said...

She came here to the U.P., where the deer out number us yoopers. And if you have ever flown over the U.P. you will see a whole bunch of nothing but woods. There are two or three Starbucks here but those are in Marquette the other 16,000 square miles of the U.P. have none. Very spotty cell service too.
Being out among the natives must have scared her.
Don't get me wrong, there are still a few good communists and quite a few liberals around that could have comforted her.