Monday, November 21, 2016

Beware of False Prophets

As we move past the election season into the holiday season, we note that the progressives among us are in mourning, following the usual stages of grief.  We've seen the shock and the denial, we've seen the anger.  When you combine the constitutional end of Obama's presidency with the shocking (to some) loss of the Clinton campaign, it's a double-whammy to the left-wing of the party, both the end of the Obama era and the repudiation of Clinton by middle America.

But, what we're seeing at the beginning of the Thanksgiving week is fairly disturbing.  For middle America, this kind of thinking is not only disturbing, it's heretical.  Twitchy captures it.

I'm not sure that I know where to begin, except to say that this poor soul is tragically misguided.  Donald Trump is a temporary leader, just as Barack Obama is a temporary leader.  Presidents come and presidents go.  One of the time-honored traditions of a president who leaves office is to retire gracefully into private life, leaving the workings of government to the newly elected leader.    I hope that president Obama follows that tradition and enjoys his retirement.  There are some that say he might be active, fairly soon, but I hope that he enjoys a long, quiet retirement for the good of the country.

But, whether Obama leaves the political debate, or stays active as a political force, it is misguided to assign him status as anything but a past president.  There is only one person who ever walked the earth, died, and was resurrected.  He is Jesus Christ, the savior, the king.  He is our blessing and our hope.  Those who would ascribe Diety to any mortal are in error, and in danger of losing their mortal souls.

For myself, I ascribe this week as Thanksgiving week, a uniquely American holiday.  After Thanksgiving, I'll begin my personal Christmas season, with all the symbols, all the joy, and all the hope of the infant Christ.  I will, of course, pray for those who are misguided, who lack hope, and seek eternity.

May the peace of our Lord be with you all.

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Daddy Hawk said...

Don't forget, only two people have successfully walked on water...and the second one started to sink.