Monday, November 28, 2016

OSU (Not An) Active Shooter

The internet lit up this morning with reports of an active shooter on the OSU campus.

Of course, the usual suspects went crazy trying to politicize the event.  They soon found themselves beclowned, like this guy.

Well, Shannon, you're an idiot.  You tried to get ahead of the news cycle and you beclowned yourself.  As it turns out, the guy didn't use a gun at all.  He used a car and what is being described as a butcher knife.
An Ohio State University student was shot dead by police after he plowed into pedestrians with a car and then stabbed multiple people with a butcher's knife at the OSU campus in Columbus this morning, officials said. The scene is now secure, officials said.
Of course, in this age of political correctness, the perpertrator is described thusly.
The suspect was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student, officials said at a press conference this afternoon.
Officials said Artan was in a car alone when he struck about eight pedestrians. The motive is not known at this time, officials said.
This murderous scum is reportedly a Somali student, and a permanent resident.   You can draw your own conclusions about his motives.  I've read that he is Muslim and was burning up facebook about the treatment of Muslim students.

The attacker, (Muslim, Somali) is now at room temperature due to the quick action of a OSU police officer who did the only shooting done today on the OSU campus.

It was not an Active Shooter situation.  It was Islamic terrorism.  The radical Islamist has now achieved ambient temperature after being shot by a good police officer.  We should be accurate in our assessments.   And, we shouldn't call it an active shooter situation unless there is actually an active shooter.

My prayers, of course, go to those victims who were simply going about their business when this Islamist terrorist decided to strike.  And, my eternal mirth goes to those idiots who couldn't wait for the new cycle to figure out what was happening and beclowned themselves by being both inaccurate and politically motivated.  Guys like Shannon Watts are both idiots and assholes.

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