Monday, November 07, 2016

Janet Reno Dead

Just about the time that we heard that Comey had once again beclowned himself and the Bureau, we also learned that Janet Reno had passed on to her just rewards.

Reno, of course, was the first female Attorney General, presiding over, (to her eternal disgrace), the debacle at Waco that killed innocent women and children.  The crime?  The Branch Davidians were suspected of having illegal weapons on the compound.

We recall that Reno "took responsibility" for the debacle, but kept her job.  When someone takes responsibility for a major debacle under the Clinton Crime Family, no one loses their job or suffers any repercussions.  Seemingly, killing Americans is okay if you work for the Clintons.

I will not mourn Reno's death.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

And the forcible repatriation of a Cuban refugee whose mother gave her life to see that he got to America. What about "Open Borders"?