Thursday, November 03, 2016


Looking away from the election news, we come to this cautionary tale out of Gulfport, MS.
GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) - A Mississippi attorney is suing Popeyes after he says he choked when he had to eat a piece of fried chicken with his hands because a knife wasn't included in his drive-thru order.
A knife wasn't included in his drive-in order?  What's the problem?  We eat fried chicken with our hands, even on the Gulf coast.
 The lawsuit states that because Newton didn't receive a plastic knife, his only option was to hold the chicken breast with his hands and tear off pieces with his teeth, causing him to choke.
The lawsuit says Newton underwent emergency surgery to remove the piece of chicken from his throat.
That's called "biting off more than you can chew", and it's a common failing among dumbasses.  Another failing among dumbasses is to not carry a pocketknife.

The Mississippi Bar Association needs to revoke this idiot's law license.  If he's too stupid to eat chicken, then too stupid to keep his failure a secret, he's certainly too stupid to practice law.


zdogk9 said...

I've been eating fried chicken like this since I've had teeth, about 68 years now, haven't choked once.

Bob said...

Making that law degree work for him by filing frivolous lawsuits, knowing its likely that Popeye's will settle it without trial just to get rid of him.

BobF said...

I'll bet his license plate is AMB*CHASR.

Wonder what law school is going to claim this fine upstanding graduate.