Thursday, November 10, 2016

Secession?? That's Treason!

I'm old enough to remember when secession was considered treason.  Just over the past several years, as a matter of fact, when President Obama would offer a half-baked program or Democrats would insult an entire demographic, some wags would talk of an entire state leaving the country.  Remember?  Oh, no, the libs cautioned.  Secession is treason. Unconstitutional. Unconscionable.

How quickly the worm turns.  It seems now that Donald Trump has been elected, some wags in California are thinking of leaving.  Good Times.
The group leading the charge, Yes California Independence Campaign, assembled long before Trump’s surprising victory. Its aim is to hold a referendum in 2018 that, if passed, would make California an independent country.
Like many Americans, I thought that we had decided the issue of secession back in the late 1860s.  Those of us who actually took American history in high school might remember studying  that unpleasant time,  Those of us in the South call it the War of Northern Aggression.  Others call it something else.

But, yet, if California wants to secede, I'll sit back and joyfully watch them debate the measure.  If nothing else, it will be amusing to catalog the arguments.

Let Freedom Ring.


mostly cajun said...

Let 'em secede. fifty-five dimmocrat electoral votes erased forever.

And cut the wires and the pipes at the border. Want electricity or gas or oil? Pay OUR new 'international' rate. All that 'green' crap will get awfully old with people sitting in the dark with empty gas tanks.

Javahead said...

Water, too. At least, limit California to no more than its guaranteed share of the Colorado.

Just give those of us who identify as "xxx AMERICAN" rather than "XXX american" the chance to move back to the US when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

The secession of 1861 was suppressed; the issue of secession was not. Either we're a voluntary collection of states, or we're the Mafia: "you can leave, but we'll have to kill you".
I believe any state has the right to secede, if the overwhelming majority (there's the rub) of its citizens approve of such a course. It may not be wise, nor economically feasible, but they're welcome to try it. I would heartily cheer CA's secession, were it not for the loss of some crucial military facilities, especially ports (I'm former USN). I seem to remember that the control of a port began the shooting last time.
--Tennessee Budd

Goatwhiskers said...

Mebbe-so they could join back up with Mexico, that ought to solve a lot of their liberal problems and make a lot of people happy on both sides of the line between us. GW