Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day

The hollerin', and arguin' and speechifyin' are over and election day is upon us.  In Louisiana, the polls open in about ten minutes.  PawPaw hasn't voted yet, but before lunch I'll pull the levers.

Schools are closed today locally because so many schools are polling places.  Louisiana normally votes on Saturday to accommodate the schools, but presidential elections are on Tuesday, so PawPaw gets to watch grandkids today while the parents work.  That's not a bad deal for PawPaw.  I'll get to enjoy the grandkids.

Louisiana has what some call a "jungle primary".  We let any-damn-body run for any-damn-office they want to run for, regardless of party affiliation.  The top two vote-getters meet in a runoff election election later.  Our Senate race today has some twenty-odd aspirants.  None of them is going to garner a solid majority, so sure as hell we'll have a runoff   But again, party affiliation really doesn't mater in a Louisiana primary.  You've got to make your pitch to the voters, and we might have two Republicans face each other in a runoff, or two Democrats.  You never know.  Today, it looks like we might have a traditional runoff when the votes are counted.  John Kennedy(R) seems to be leading the pack with Foster Campbell (D) nipping at his heels.  This could get intereting, but I don't see Louisiana returning a (dD) to the senate.

After voting, the grandkids and I will hang out around here until lunch, then we'll get a bite somewhere and head for the range.  We've got work to do, and as long as I have free labor, I'm going to use it.

If you haven't voted yet, go vote.  It's important.

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