Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Senator Boxer Introduces Legislation

It seems that Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation to amend the Constitution and abolish the electoral college.  Well, of course she does.  She's still grieving over the election.  Searching for reason, hoping against hope.  Still, if she can pass it through a Republican Congress, then it only needs be adopted by 38 states before it can become law.  Does anyone see a problem here?

That's a good idea, Babs.  We'll get 38 states to give up their influence in presidential elections.  I'm sure that states like Louisiana, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, .... (do I need continue?) will happily give up their influence in favor of large population centers.

Yeah, right.  I'm sure that everyone is going to line up to make this change.   Isn't Babs retiring this year?  In my mind, her retirement is a whole lot better idea than abolishing the electoral college.

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Billll said...

Someone needs to introduce companion legislation to repeal the 17th amendment as well.