Thursday, November 05, 2015

NICS Gun Background Checks

Tab cleaning, I find this .jpg that details the number of NICS checks from November 1998 till October 2015.  There is good information there and I don't have time to parse it now but I am amazed at how many guns have been sold under President Obama's term.  He's probably the greatest gun salesman in history.  Here's the link, and here's the chart.  You can, of course, click it to embiggen it.

I'll just leave it there and let anyone who wishes, study it.  Note, if you will, that PawPaw is responsible for a few of those purchases, and some of those were for two or more firearms at one time.  This is just NICS checks, not firearms sold.


Timmeehh said...

NICS has less than a 2% rejection rate, so these numbers are a good estimate of total gun sales.

Anonymous said...

Also, in consideration of the previous comment, it should be recognized that a single firearm can generate more than one NICS check. Example: original purchaser makes private party sale using FFL. What is the incidence of this compared to total NICS checks I do not know. I would leave that to those who are more interested in the academics. All I care is Americans are exercising their 2A right. (Of course, with the right comes responsibility. In this case, to train and to be familiar with said equipment.) I think that is a very good thing.