Monday, November 16, 2015

The Paris Attacks

While I was out playing fast-draw this weekend, the jihadis in France were playing as well.  The police and military response is still underway, but some news is beginning to leak out.  One interesting article in blinding perspective is found at the New York Post.  It seems that the jihadis have a master plan to break us.
It happened because the Islamic State, the latest version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, has decided that Western democracies, representing the “Infidel” world, are no longer prepared to fight even to preserve their comfortable lives. The Paris attacks came on the first day of the Muslim lunar month of Safar, which coincides with the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed’s first successful “ghazva” (raid) against the “infidel” at Safwan in 623 AD.
Everything is tied to history, and if you don't understand Islamic history, terror won't make sense.  They're counting on that.
 The Islamic State’s message is stark: Western civilization is doomed. Its last bastion, America, lacks the will for war. The infidel loves life and treats it as an endless feast. Jihadis have to ruin that feast and persuade the “infidel” to abandon this world in exchange for greater rewards in the next.
Go, as they say, and read the whole thing, but be forewarned.  We're at war with radical Islam, whether our president wants to admit it or not.  


Flier389 said...

Our neighborhood organizer in chief will never admit it.

North Texan said...

I think the pedophiles may be surprised should they actually choose to wage a ground war on American soil.