Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Invitatioal Video

A short video from the Invitational.  Grandson Akarate Zach )pronounced Accurate Zach) is running a Ruger New Vaquero.  This was a "fun" match on Sunday morning.  We call it "Five Card Draw".  The shooter begins seated at a card table, holding a hand of cards.  The revolver is on the table, ahead of a line made by the cards.  On the start signal, the shooter drops the cards on the table and engages two targets to his immediate front.  The angle of this particular video doesn't let you see the targets, but he manages to hit both his targets.  At age 13, the boy is getting very good at running a Vaquero.

Very nice shooting running a single-action revolver.  He came in 5th overall, against some very good guns.  (If you miss a target, you incur a 1.5 second penalty)

Aw, heck.  One more.  This video is called "Doubles".  Zach engages two targets from the holster.  He gets hits on both targets, with a time of 2.252 seconds.  Very nice shooting, remembering that he's running a cowboy revolver.

That's why we play this silly game.


Ryan said...

1- 2.25 for a draw and two targets from the holster is not bad at all. Considering it is a SA revolver it is pretty good. I probably run about around there or a shade faster with a Glock which is a lot faster gun though the targets were smaller.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done! :-)