Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

While I was doing Veteran's Day yesterday, the world went crazy.

Like many of you, I've been watching the Mizzou protests, all of which seem to be based on lies so the Social Justice Warriors could stir up trouble.  I mean, if you're going to protest, shouldn't your protest be based on provable incidents?  Just asking

While we're talking about Mizzou, it seems that Assistant Professor Click has become click-bait.  I'd assume that an Assistant Professor of Mass Communication would understand the First Amendment and filming in public places.  Evidently, Click has no clue, so she attacked a journalist covering the protests.  Of course, once she laid hands on the journalist, she committed a criminal offense, and the journalist is pressing charges.

I do feel sorry (not) for the good professor, because her life's work just got condensed into a short YouTube video that shows she neither understands the Constitution nor the role of the free press.  Whatever other research she might have done, any simple Google search for her name will turn up the video of her being an asshole.  Simply an asshole.  It's a resume-builder, all right.

Jonathon Rausch offers an excellent trigger waring to prospective college students.
“Warning: Although this university values and encourages civil expression and respectful personal behavior, you may at any moment, and without further notice, encounter ideas, expressions and images that are mistaken, upsetting, dangerous, prejudiced, insulting or deeply offensive. We call this education.”

In other news, it seems that the FBI has expanded it's probe of Hillary Clinton and one prong of the investigation is focusing on "materially false statements".  Heh!  Hillary should ask Martha Stewart how that type probe normally works out.

More locally, our CFDA club, the Thorn Valley Shootists Society is prepping for our Invitational match this weekend.  PawPaw will be busy with last minute things, but expect plenty of news


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how "ramped up" the snowflakes have been? And all the chatter about the muslims storming through Europe?
Still wondering if these events are independent of each other? I don't. I think all of the kerfuffles in the world are tied together somehow. Yeah, yeah I know black helicopters and tin foil hat thinking....BUT, look at the methods, the language, the actions. All of the events seem to have a common thread.
Wonder when the next school shooting will happen? Wonder when the next global event will happen? Wonder when a black flag event will to what end?
Wonder who will be raised up to be the entity that will make things stable again?
Just a'wonderin'.........

Miss Chelle said...

Good point there, Steve! Ive been wondering the same thing. All I know is, we better get prayed up, because there is a Heck of alot going on right now.