Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's in the Books

The Thorn Valley Invitational is in the history books and I am more convinced than ever that the people of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association are the finest people in the world.

We hosted the natch at a camp we've been using for a couple of years, but which recently came under new ownership.  I was talking with the new owners this morning, and he told me "I was pleasantly surprised.  These are the nicest people I've ever been around."

That mirrors my experience exactly.  While I had already formed that opinion, it was nice to hear it from outside the organization.  Shooters from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana showed up in the woods near Melder, LA to spend a weekend shooting, competing, joshing, and enjoying the company of like-minded folks.  It's hard to put a stamp on our competitiveness.  We help each other, often to the point of helping a competitor who will beat us.

For example:  Probably one of the best shooters in the game, we call Delta Whiskey.  He won the Texas State championship last year and I've seen him win or place in a half-dozen other competitions  Both of his sons compete, and are top-notch competitors.  Yet, while I was running the line this morning, I happened to look up to see Delta Whiskey gunsmithing on my grandson, Zachary's revolver.  He was adding a reduced power spring to make the hammer easier to cock.

In the next ten minutes, Zach and Delta's boys were over on the dry-fire range, working on Zach's draw.  In the space of twenty minutes, Zach had a hammer job and draw coaching from competitors.

Zach beat Delta Whiskey in the next round.  That's the way the folks in the CFDA are.  We'll help a competitor beat us in the next round, then we'll laugh about it, shake hands, and wish the other fellow well.

Many thanks to Texas Rose, one of the Bushwacker bunch.  She came from Silsbee, TX and organized the score-keeping, keeping the rounds straight and totaling the final results.  Texas Rose is a great competitor, is currently the 2nd Place National Top Gun points champion, and she was working like a turk in the scoring booth.  She didn't have to do that, but her help made our match a success.  We learned a lot from Texas Rose this weekend.  Thanks again.

Many thanks to Okie Ed, and Split Shot, who traveled from Oklahoma.  Split Shot's boy was rodeo-ing this weekend, and it would have been easy to stay home and watch his boy bust mutton, but he came to our little piddling match to help make it a success, and I appreciate the effort.

Many thanks to Windmill Kid, who dolly'd down a trailer and drove over to help with the Regulating and the Range-Mastering.  Every time I'm around Windmill, I learn something about this game.  I appreciate his efforts.

And to Plain Jane, and Parttime, and Whiplash, and Speedy, and Blue-Eyed Bandit, and all the rest that made the trip, Thank you.  Thanks for making the Thorn Valley match a success, and thanks for showing up.  I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but I appreciate y'all too.

But, the 2015 Thorn Valley Invitational is in thebooks.  It's done, it's over, and everyone is heading home.  Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a success, and to all the friends I saw this weekend. It was wonderful and I hope to see you all again, soon.

See y'all on the line.

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Retired Spook said...

It's nice to see competition that isn't totally cut-throat, isn't it?