Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another Great Pic

Another great pic from the Invitational this weekend.  Here we have one of the twins (I can't tell them apart unless I read the name on the belt.) Shooting 5-card.  These kids run Ruger New Vaqueros, and they're quite good   Their Daddy is a top competitor, and the boys are following in his footsteps.  They're already capable of out-shooting most of the men, and the only consolation we have is that there is a couple of years before they start shooting with the men-folk.  They're in the Youth division now, so I don't have to stand the line against them.

Both of them are great young men, ready to laugh, or help out, or tote a load, or help coach another shooter.  I'm proud to know them.

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Old NFO said...

Great timing on that shot! :-)