Monday, November 09, 2015

Beat Alabama

PawPaw doesn't post much about football, but I'm an LSU Tiger fan, and one thing has become increasingly clear.  LSU head coach Les Miles is totally unsuited to the job for the simple reason that he doesn't know how to beat Alabama.

There is no dishonor in losing a hard-fought football game.  There is dishonor, however, in going out on the field against a strong, tough opponent and being totally unprepared for the challenge ahead.  If you watched the game this past Saturday between LSU and Alabama, you know what I mean.  LSU's offense was not only outscored, they were demoralized, beaten, whipped.  It was disgusting to watch.

Military commanders understand the concept of Objective, and it's plain that Les Miles doesn't understand his one objective:  Beat Alabama.  In that he has failed, time and time again.  In the last nine games, LSU has overcome Alabama exactly twice, and haven't prevailed against them since 2011.  Personally, I would have fired Miles in the minutes after the disastrous 21-0 loss during the National Championship game in January, 2012.  For some reason, LSU decided to stay with Miles, but I would have sent his ass up the road.

Maybe it's time to re-write Les Miles' contract, with exactly one performance objective, and spell out the penalty for failing to meet that objective.  It should read something like this.

The Head Coach, by accepting this contract, understands that his one performance objective is to beat Alabama.  Nothing else matters but the numbers on the board at the end of the game.  All rules of the NCAA and the SEC must be followed, but his job depends on that game. 
To that end, before kickoff of the LSU-Alabama game, the Head Coach will pack his personal belongings from his office, the locker room, and any other facility owned by LSU.  He will surrender his keys to an assistant coach of his choosing.  If, at the end of thell game, LSU has lost to Alabama, the Head Coach will be immediately escorted off the campus, never to return to LSU.  He will forfeit all pay, allowances, and perquisites.

I'm sure that the lawyers will do a better job of drafting that contract, but the basic idea is simple.  If he doesn't beat Alabama, he's not allowed back on campus. He's already packed his office, the assistant coach can put his boxes on UPS.

But, in the short term, it's simple.  It's time for Coach Miles to go.


Old NFO said...

Yep, that was actually pretty sad... Totally unprepared comes to mind...

Retired Spook said...

As an Alabama fan, I would like for them to grant him lifetime tenure, but that's just me.

On the other hand, after watching Alabama lose a bowl game (sometime back in the mid-60s) my grandfather, after listening to the uncles and cousins howl, wail, and gnash their teeth, opined "Y'know, I bet the sun will still come up tomorrow."

Just a matter of perspective, I guess.