Thursday, November 05, 2015

Louisiana's Quandry

Louisiana has a tough choice coming later this month.  We'll be deciding who our governor might be.  And the choices are starkly depressing.

On the one hand, we have John Bel Edwards, a Democrat from the north shore, who has been described as an "Obama Democrat".  Louisiana is a deeply red state, but we often elect conservative Democrats to local office.  Indeed, several local politicians I like are conservative Democrats.  But, I can't vote for Bel Edwards.  He seems way to liberal for me.

On the other hand, we have our deeply flawed US Senator, David "Diaper Dave" Vitter, who after running on a family-values platform was almost immediately embroiled in a prostitution scandal when he got to Washington.  Vitter is a sleaze and after the first time, I've never voted for him again.  I don't vote for sleasze.

Milady doesn't like Vitter either.  According to her, Vitter did everything he could do to hold back the permitting on the Jena Choctaw Casino.  Milady is from Jena, and knows the Choctaw band personally.  When every other band or tribe of Native Americans was getting casino approval, the Jena Choctaw band wasn't and the problem seemed to come from Vitter's desk.  Vitter may have some friends among the Native gaming tribes, but the Jena Choctaw band doesn't like him one bit.

So, my choices next weekend seem to be between an Obama Democrat and a sleazy, whore-running Senator.

I may just sit this one out.  I can't vote for either one of those clowns.

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