Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Invitational Pics

Pictures keep dribbling in from the Invitational, and I found a good one today.

Two friends, Part-Time and Whiplash dueling with 7.5" guns in our range.  If you look at the pic really close (and you can click to enlarge) you'll see Whiplash's bullets heading to the target.

Good men, both of them, out of the Big Thicket Bushwackers, from near Silsbee, TX.

We had a heck of a time this weekend.  All my readers should look around and find a Cowboy Fast Draw club nearby.  Here's a link to active clubs.


Old NFO said...

Great pics, and interesting 'stances'! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ol P/T come off his heels there. It's interesting since his CG appears to be over his heels or a bit aft. Not a good place to be for a 2nd round. Better make the first shots count.

However, he could countermand the off kilter by rotating his body left or right thereby pivoting on the ball to land on a solid footing.

(Hey man, this is just late night critiquing after a sup o whiskey. Them boys are alright by my books.)

Ric in CA