Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Season's Turn

The teachers reported to their schools officially today.  In reality, many of them had been visiting the schools, arranging classrooms and prepping for the school year which begins, at least locally, on Monday.  Meetings, assignments, scuttlebutt and rumors abound.  It's time for school, and another turn of the season.

After the wettest June in several years, summertime has sorted itself out.  Both the calendar and the weather map tell me that we're in August.  Hot, dry, sunny.  This morning's extended forecast showed some numbers we're not used to seeing in this area.  Nineties, for sure, but when we get to three digits in the forecast, it's worth commenting.

At the begging of August, one site I keep track of is the National Hurricane Center.  I'll be clicking on that site daily, just to see what's coming.  It has been a calm season so far, but in my experience, August and September are the months with the greatest threat.


Melissa said...

Summer. Please stop. This is brutal!

Old NFO said...

Yep, it's SUMMER... sigh...

jon spencer said...

It is summer, here too. For the next 5 days a high of 81 and a low of 50. See what 1200 miles due north will do.
Spotted a leaf or two with some yellow in them yesterday.
But come February when you are outside in shorts and I am layered up while still inside the house.
I will then envy you.