Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Night Shoot

We set up the targets this afternoon and had a little Wednesday night shoot.  Invited the neighbor, strapped him up, and let him try his hand at Cowboy Fast Draw.  Milady and I enjoy showing new folks our game, and while the neighbor is not a new shooter, it's the first time he has shot wax bullets at steel targets in the backyard.

He shot 50 rounds, and in just a few cylinders, he was hitting in the 7s with an occasional hit down in the 6s (that's six-tenths of a second).  Good eye for the game on his first time on the line.

This Wednesday night shoot might become a regular thing.  We'll see if he stays interested.

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Peter said...

Pawpaw, for your interest, here's an article on early Fast Draw exponents: