Monday, August 24, 2015

In The Mail

I find today on my doorstep, a package from the Displaced Louisiana Guy.  Milady's holster has arrived.  She's been jonesing for a black holster, because it would look so good with her black boots and her new gun.  Matter of fact, it would look good with her old gun and turquoise grips.

It's a straight-drop Mexican loop holster, black, with teal stitching, and our brand on the loop.  Very nicely done.  It's period correct in many details, and fits the revolver nicely. It has that handcrafted look that everyone admires, and seems very functional.

Milady will be pleased.  Thanks, son.  Let me know what I owe you.

**UPDATE** Milady is truly pleased.  Life is good.


Old NFO said...

Purty! He does great work! :-)

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Glad momma approves!