Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Growing The Club

Growing the club is one of our goals for this year.  Several of us have been working on the things that other people see, so that we can get our name in the public eye.  Our club president came up with a nice logo, and we're trying to make brochures that are unique to the club, while still meeting the association guidelines.

One of our objectives is low-cost, simple black and white printing that can be accomplished on any home printer.   Or, at least cost at a print shop.  Sure, color brochures are wonderful visually, but black and white is so much more economical.  We're a small club right now and any money we can save on printing costs is money we can spend on other things.

I'm putting together a little 3-column  brochure that can be printed on a single piece of copy paper.  My editing skills are such that Milady proofreads my drafts, makes corrections, and layout decisions.  I'm learning about fonts, column styles, page breaks, and all manner of things that I didn't know I needed to learn.

Being the old dog that I am, I've had to learn on family.  My daughter-in-law Kim does graphic design for a living, and she's been a wonderful help to me.  Almost before I can explain the problem, she has it solved, on the screen before me.  Each of my kids, and their spouses has separate talents and I don't think that there is anything we can't accomplish.  The strength of my family and the depth of our collective talent amazes me.

Thanks, Kim, for helping this old dog learn new tricks.

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Old NFO said...

Self sufficient... :-) Nuff said! And I like the graphic!