Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Considering that it was Monday, it wasn't bad.

Considering that it was the first day of school hereabouts, it wasn't  too bad.

Considering w.hat's happening in Missouri, I"m glad I don't live in Ferguson.  They're throwing stuff at the cops again.  One guy started shooting at cops yesterday, and got hisself shot for being an idiot.  I understand that they're still looting stores there..

A bunch of these idiots walked out onto I-70 and blocked it.  Police arrested them.  Did no one tell them that it's illegal to block an interstate highway?  One guy drove through the line of protesters.  Heh!  If more folks did that, it would be hard to assemble a crew to shut down a highway.

Considering that it's August, I suppose the heat is to be expected.  We do live in the Deep South, but 103F is just a bit oppressive, even for us.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 102, with a heat index of 112.  I suppose I'll stay in air conditioning as much as possible.  And drink water.  Lots of water.

Considering it is 2:00 a.m., I suppose I should go lie down.  I got five hours of sleep between 8:00 and 1:00, but "vampired" at 1:00.  That's what Milady and I call it, when a nights sleep is interrupted by waking up and wandering the house in the wee hours.  Like a vampire, searching for victims.  I don't want to still be awake at 5:00 when the alarm goes off.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Those jerks were centering up on the suv that then drove through. He made a good decision. It's not good to stop for a mob.

Sdv1949 said...

We've been referring to it as going Nomad, but I think vampiring will become the new term.

Anonymous said...

These marxists are hell-bent on starting an actual, shooting Race War. When they gain their objective, they won't like it...

Tactics: if this happens to YOU, draw that heavy caliber pistol you should have been keeping in the car for this purpose. Get the spare magazines out also. Cover the brake, edge forward to try to clear the mob, but don't roll over anyone if you can help it. Lower all the windows. Every marxist who tries to enter the car gets fired upon. Make sure that they are head and shoulders inside the vehicle before you fire, that way, the blood-splatter evidence will acquit you. NEVER get out of your vehicle to offer combat. Your freedom will depend on you being able to say you stayed in your vehicle out of fear for your life.

My protection is a 1911A1 with 3 spare magazines. All 230-gr ball. It feeds most reliably, and if it was good enough for the Marines for all those years, it's good enough for this defensive task.