Wednesday, August 12, 2015


When I was in the military, I was privy to classified data, and I worked around classified things that were beyond my simple SECRET classification.  Some of the things we used in tanks were SECRET or TOP SECRET and I knew not to take them apart.  The fact that I would use them was no secret, but the inner workings were classified and the technicians needed special clearance to work on them.

Later, in the run-up to Desert Storm, I was doing planning that required the use of intelligence data, most of which was classified SECRET or better.  We had strict handling protocols for that information, with secure logs, double-layer safes for storage, all sorts of procedures and regulations to keep that data secure.

Moreover, we knew that bungling those procedures would lead to disciplinary action, and possibly jail time, depending on the data and the consequences of the breach.  If, for example, I wanted to make a copy of classified data, we had justifications, protocols and procedures that were onerous in their complexity.  The idea of transmitting classified data over an un-secure line was enough to give an intelligence officer apoplexy, if not a fatal stroke.

We're learning more and more about Hillary Clinton's email server.  First, it was wiped clean, next it was destroyed, and now it's been turned over to the FBI.  They've found classified data on it.  Top Secret data.  Top Secret data on a private, unsecured, non-encrypted email server.  Young intelligence professionals heads are exploding everywhere.

That fact alone speaks to the presumptive Democratic nominee's trustworthiness.  Charles Krauthammer points out another feature of Hillary's political statements.
“it’s not only her trustworthiness, it’s the fact that nothing she says ever is true three weeks later.”
Heh!  Nothing the woman says is true, three weeks later.  That alone speaks volumes. That fact alone should disqualify her or the presidency.  Her security breaches should qualify her for a nice stint in a federal penitentiary.

UPDATE:  I've corrected the spelling in the title.  Good catch, Joe.


Anonymous said...

You are making the very big assumption that the server hasn't been sanitized, prior to being turned over. Which doesn't mean the emails don't exist, remember the Rose Law firm billing records showing up in the White House? I just don't expect the server to have anything, for if there is one thing Hillary learned from Nixon, it's make the evidence disappear.

Anonymous said...

To add with a HatTip to the Feral Irishman: Klintonerdämmerung

North Texan said...

Its one thing to "accidentally " allow classified information beyond your control. Not forgivable,without penalty, but somewhat understandable under certain conditions. Her actions are gross negligence and willful. In my opinion, treasonous, given her rank and charge. Why isn't she on trial for treason?