Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here Comes Danny

Welcome Tropical Storm Danny to the 2015 hurricane season. reports that Danny is forecast to become a hurricane soon.

It's too soon to tell where Danny might be headed, or where he'll wind up, But, here in Louisiana we keep track of such things.  PawPaw will be keeping an eye on this one, and generally keeping an eye at the National Hurricane Center.  It's one of my daily reads this time of year.

It's mid August.  You bet'cha I'll be paying attention till the end of September.


Old NFO said...

It's that time of year... Sigh

BobF said...

With a sister still living in New Orleans (WHY?!) and the wife flying back from Iowa in a few days, I'm watching this one from Central Florida. I don't think you or I are going to get it, but it wouldn't be the first one to make a right hook while the forecasters are asleep.