Thursday, August 08, 2013

great Video

I was surfing around, looking for something this morning, and I stumbled upon this video.  Great feel-good video, with guns, guns, and guns.

More later.  I think I'm going to the range.


Old NFO said...

I'm going to hit it this weekend, I'm a needin some recoil therapy!!!

Rivrdog said...

Didn't float my boat. All that runnin' and gunnin' to obnoxiously loud electronica.

What floats my boat is a whispered few words with my spotter, a careful lining-up of the sights, one round downrange, and the sub-MOA target destroyed at 300-400 meters (with the six mikemike, farther out with the .308).

Yeah, gimme some of THAT!

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The low shooting was pretty interesting. My guess is that the video was not garden variety annual requalification.

I do have a question. Near the end of the movie Courageous, there is a shoot-out with some bad guys. Both sides are using automobiles as cover. Vehicles appeared to be three or four car lengths apart and sideways to each other.

The road had no crown. There were three good guys. There appeared to be ample opportunity for one of the good guys to go prone and skip beau coup rounds into the buttocks and knees of the bad guys.

Do cops talk about or practice those kinds of things?

Yeah, I know the mind locks up under stress and we regress to the level of training that we have mastered. Just wondering.