Thursday, August 29, 2013

That's Rude

It seems that little Kim, the depraved, insane North Korean leader has a pretty effective way of breaking up with ex-girlfriends.  Machine guns.
Chosun Ilbo, the respected South Korean daily with sales of over two million, reported that Hyon Song-wol and her colleagues had been arrested on 17 August for breaking pornography laws. Their public execution took place three days later, with other members of North Korea’s most famous pop groups force to watch before being dispatched to prison camps, from which few prisoners return.
It was a group execution.  He made the families watch, machine gunned the group, then sent the families off to prison camps.  Some, though, think that there might have been another reason for the execution.
An alternative explanation was that the elegant Hyon Song-wol, so publicly identified with Kim Jong-un, had attracted the jealous ire of Kim’s wife. 
Machine gunning the whole dance troupe to get the girlfriend.  That's excessive.


Rivrdog said...

Is that excessive as on a level with gassing rebels in your capital city?

Look like Obummer might have to tone down his war aspirations there in Damascus, but I wonder if maybe, prodded by the Kulcha Klan in Holywood, he might want to threaten Kimmy with cruise missiles?

Pawpaw said...


I don't have a dog in the Assad hunt. Syria is run by a ruthless dictator, who is also fighting Al-Queda. Either way we jump in this shithole is going to be the wrong one. Do we want to be Al-Queda's air force? I doubt it.

Old NFO said...

Gotta remember their 'mentality' toward life over there... To them it's just another day...