Friday, August 02, 2013

Charlie Rangel, Idiot

Charlie Rangel is back in the news.  You remember Charlie, right?  The Democrat Rep from Harlem, who doesn't know American history, but was recently censured by the House for violating numerous ethics rules, not to mention the laws of New York.

Well, Charlie says that the Tea Party is the same bunch that fought for segregation during the Civil Rights movement.  And he used the term 'white cracker' improperly.  We all know that the 'crackers' are the group that settled Florida, as oppposed to the snowbirds who come down in the winter, or to retire. One of my daughters-in-law is a 'cracker', a sobriquet she proudly claims.

Charlie's mouth is open, because he can't believe that the truth of the matter, is that by a huge majority, the Democratic party was the party that fought for segregation in the South.  It's an inconvenient truth, but the truth nevertheless.  I feel sorry for guys like Rangel, because they've so bought into the revisionist history of segregation in the US that they don't know that the Democratic party was the party of Jim Crow and fire hoses.  He'd do well to learn the history of the party that he swear fealty to.


Old NFO said...

He ignores history, as usual, because it doesn't fit the agenda...

Gerry N. said...

The only thing Charley Rangel is loyal to is Charley Rangel. In a truly just society he would long ago have been tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

His constituents are dumber than hemlock stumps. Proven by the fact that he gets reelected instead of hauled out of Congress in handcuffs.

Gerry N.

Bird of Paradise said...

Should he be having some walking beside him wearing a I'M WITH STUPID T-Shirt and the arrow pointing towards him?