Saturday, August 24, 2013

Palate Cleansing

Surfing around on a Saturday morning, I went to Oleg Volk's site.  Oleg is a photographer of  merit and a gun blogger.  Some of his photos and posters have been very influential in the various debates we've had over the past decade.

This morning in my surfing, I come across a photo of a young lady with a southpaw Ruger Model 77 in .223.  In the caption, Oleg explains that she's making head shots at 150 yards with 55 grain ball ammo.  Come the zombie apocalypse, I want her on my side.  If I'm reading Oleg's post correctly, the young lady is only 12 years old.

Good form, good rifle, wonderful photograph.


Old NFO said...

True that!!!

Gerry Nygaard said...

There's something about a pre-teen of either gender properly shooting a rifle that just plain warms the cockles of my heart.